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Age-related hearing loss

January 18, 2023Health

What we call Presbycusis is the natural deafness that gradually develops as part of the ageing process and is caused by deterioration of the inner ear.

As people are living for longer it’s becoming an important issue, because it’s seen more and more frequently.

When hearing loss occurs, communication becomes more difficult and social isolation becomes easier.

Our quality of life requires free-flowing communication with our environment.

There are four recognised types of presbycusis, depending on which part of the inner ear is affected.

  1. Sensory: affects the inner ear and produces a drop in high-pitched tones.
  2. Neural: affects the auditory nerve and produces a drop in medium and high-pitched tones.
  3. Metabolic: affects the vascular stria of the inner ear, with a drop in all sound frequencies.
  4. Mechanical: due to ageing and hardening of the inner ear.


The cause may be due to several factors:


The most common signs for identifying presbycusis are:


There are 3 types of treatments:


It’s important to emphasise that the best way of dealing with presbycusis is to have an active social life and encourage people to communicate with each other.

In the age of communication we’re in nowadays, it’s vitally important to take care of ourselves to ensure good hearing health.

Dr. Alfonso Aracil Montesinos

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

ASSSA Health Insurance
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