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International Staff


At ASSSA we bring our insurance to people of different nationalities and for this we have an increasingly international staff, composed of professionals from various countries.

We continue growing


Since last March we have been living in new times, convulsed, in which it has been essential to react quickly.

Solvency and tranquility in ASSSA


In a context of economic contraction and uncertainty linked to the coronavirus pandemic, our recently published Financial and Solvency Report 2019 puts us well above the insurance sector average as indicated by our solvency ratio of 389%.

We publish the 26th edition of ASSSA Magazine


As every summer, we launch a new issue of ASSSA Magazine.

New inclusion Centro Médico Maestranza Barajas (Madrid)


At ASSSA we keep expanding our medical directory with the inclusion of the medical centre Centro Médico Maestranza Barajas, located in the district of Barajas in Madrid city.

Great reception of our online payment gateway


After the first month since its launch, the new online payment gateway has been very well received, as there were many transactions.

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