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ECOLOGICAL ASSSA merchandising


At ASSSA we ensure care of the environment. Every gesture counts and we have therefore opted for an ecological line for the new merchandising of the season under the Claim: “No one can do everything but together we can do something”.

The new electronic card now available in all areas


The implementation in ASSSA of the new electronic card without co-payments is already a reality and with it, we culminated a digital project of great relevance for our Policyholders and for our Company.

Social commitment, new fleet of ASSSA hybrid vehicles


At ASSSA we renew and expand our fleet of cars, incorporating hybrid-electric vehicles on this occasion to contribute to environmental protection by reducing fuel consumption and the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

Inclusion Oftalvist Clinics (Almería and Valencia)


At ASSSA we continue to expand and improve our Medical Directory, this time with the inclusion of two Oftalvist Group clinics in the cities of Almería and Valencia, in addition to those of Alicante, Albacete, Málaga and Murcia.

Welcome AME policyholders


The large ASSSA family continues to grow after the integration of AME Asistencia Médica of Barcelona into our company and from here we welcome all policyholders.

We consolidate our network of offices


Following the opening of our two new branches in Murcia and Málaga in recent months, we have restructured our network of offices with Territorial Directions in Madrid and Barcelona to provide a better service to our policyholders.

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