• ASSSA Insurance

    Your peace of mind in good hands.

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  • ASSSA Health

    With our health insurance we cover all essential healthcare services, among which are:

    Primary medical services. Specialists. Hospitalization and surgery. Preventive medicine. family planning.
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  • Free Choice SUMMUM

    In ASSSA we have the best coverage for your health with the insurance of Free Choice Summum

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  • ASSSA Dental

    Our dental policies cover a wide range of services through an exceptional and exclusive medical directory.
    And now with discounts of up to 30% ...... 

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  • ASSSA Accident

    Our accident insurance are perfect to complement the needs of family protection and addressing the very serious economic damages resulting from an accident.

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Insurance policies

Health Insurance

Our health insurances in Spain cover all levels of care. The main benefits are the services of a local GP, specialists, hospitalization, surgery, preventive medicine and family planning, among others.

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Free Choice Health Insurance

Our SUMMUM insurance in Spain is a new and innovative concept in health insurance policies, designed in accordance with our commitment to guarantee tranquility of our policyholders. With our SUMMUM insurance you can be assured that you will benefit from an exclusive personal service.

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ASSSA dental

At ASSSA we know how important prevention is to dental health and the growing concern to have a healthy mouth and a perfect smile.

That´s why we offer you our dental insurance, so you can benefit from integral, high quality dental care from the first day, provided by highly renowned, prestigious specialists.

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Accident Insurance

In our daily lives, we only tend to insure our homes, vehicles and we even take out private health insurance.

Our Accident insurance is the perfect complement to family protection requirements and can prevent the large financial expenses caused through accidents.

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ASSSA Magazine

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