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What is lactose intolerance? Causes and action

01-02-2023 Health Tips

Milk and dairy products from cows or other animals, like cheese or yoghurt, are the main food group needed to meet your body’s calcium and vitamin D requirements. Lactose is its main sugar (each 100 ml of milk contains 5 g).

Age-related hearing loss

18-01-2023 Health

What we call Presbycusis is the natural deafness that gradually develops as part of the ageing process and is caused by deterioration of the inner ear. As people are living for longer it’s becoming an important issue, because it’s seen more and more frequently.

Biohabitability and the health of the space we live in

04-01-2023 Health

We frequently measure and assess the degree of pollution in the outer spaces around our towns and cities. These measurements are usually carried out by official or private bodies that are unlikely to have access to our own habitats and workspaces.

Acne vulgaris

21-12-2022 Health Tips

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease caused by a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, which consists of a hair follicle and its corresponding sebaceous gland (responsible for manufacturing your skin’s surface fat). This gland drains the fat outwards, through what is known as a pore.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis (gum disease)

07-12-2022 Dental

Did you know…? That according to the National Health Survey, 85-90% of the population over the age of 35 suffer from these pathologies to some degree, mainly gingivitis. The most destructive manifestation of periodontitis affects 30-38% of adults older than 35 years.


23-11-2022 Health Tips

Halitosis, also known as “bad breath”, is a problem commonly associated with poor oral hygiene or diseases of the oral cavity. However, it may also be an indication of severe systemic diseases that require diagnosis and treatment.

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