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COVID-19 Resilience

19-05-2020 Health Tips

For some time, the word “resilience” has become popular in different areas and its use has expanded considerably since the state of alarm began.

COVID-19: How to fight against insomnia

08-05-2020 Health Tips

During this state of alarm and quarantine our well-being can suffer sudden changes, affecting our state of mind emotionally due to our employment situation and the economic uncertainty. Frequently this leads us to a sleep disorder and consequently to a disruption in our daytime life and our family relations.

COVID-19 Meditation as an ally

23-04-2020 Health Tips

  We are experiencing an unprecedented situation. In recent weeks we have remained in our homes without the possibility of carrying out many of the activities that we had been doing; this has caused uncertainty and consequently tension, impatience and stress.

COVID-19 The importance of physical exercise at home

16-04-2020 Sport

Due to the current state of alarm, in which we are forced and we must stay at home, it is important to create routines and keep busy as much as possible, in this way we will make this period of time more bearable.

COVID-19 Nutritional recommendations

14-04-2020 Your Diet

During the confinement we are experiencing, it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet and for this, the Mediterranean diet would be an ideal base to structure a good diet and nutrition.

COVID-19 Communication and information during the alarm state

09-04-2020 Health Tips

Spending so much time in isolation may have a strong psychological impact and may cause feelings such as fear, lack of concentration, sadness and nervousness, especially in those most vulnerable people who are currently alone.

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