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How to survive a heart attack if you are alone

March 7, 2018Health Tips

Suddenly, you start feeling an intense pain in your chest, which extends gradually to your arm and up to your chin, and you are alone. What can you do?

With no help, a person whose heart is beating normally, who starts to faint, has only 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.However, you can help yourself by coughing strongly and repeatedly.


A Deep breath must be taken before every a cough, and the cough must be Deep and long as if we were exhaling from very Deep in the lungs. The breath and the cough must be done approximately every 2 seconds without stop until help comes or until the heart is beating regularly again. Deep breathing brings oxygen to the lungs and the movements caused by coughing press the heart and keep the blood circulation. The pressure on the heart also helps to regain the normal rhythm.

This way, victims of a heart attack can reach a hospital. Say this to as many people as possible, it can save lives!.


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