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Indiba: advanced physiotherapy

August 31, 2022Technology

INDIBA technology has been leading the world in the radio frequency field for 35 years.

In the clinic we use a high frequency current to produce a cellular biostimulation that accelerates tissue healing, speeding up the body’s natural repair process by increasing blood flow supplying oxygen and nutrients for the repair process. This means we can use our appliances from the most acute phase of the injury to reduce inflammation and pain, accelerating the overall rehabilitation process.

The effects of the treatment depend on the temperature reached and the time that the temperature is maintained in the treated area. These unique benefits are backed by more than 19 years of molecular research with more than 300 documents and clinical studies. The result of these studies established that the optimal radio frequency to achieve significant and safe changes is 448 kHz.

It’s the most reliable radio frequency device with proven effectiveness with clear evidence in consultation used in treatments for:

Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The use of INDIBA helps athletes to recover more quickly from injuries, avoiding relapses and improving their performance. Most teams in the Champions League, Premier League, professional cycling, athletics and tennis use INDIBA, among many others. When an athlete has an injury that prevents them from competing, they need to accelerate the tissue repair process, so the application of this technology will achieve results quickly and safely. It can be used to treat:


Pelvic Floor Pathology

Both men and women can suffer pelvic floor dysfunction caused by a range of factors such as vaginal births, age, pelvic surgeries, collagen diseases, etc., causing urinary and faecal incontinence or even genital prolapse. These symptoms may appear in conjunction with pelvic pain or discomfort. At the advanced physiotherapy clinic we can apply INDIBA treatment to:



INDIBA® works by balancing cell metabolism so it enhances muscle and skin tone, improves circulation and promotes collagen and elastin synthesis. Plus, molecular biology studies have shown that adipocytes decrease their activity, reducing fat deposits in the body.

One of the fundamental aims of the physical therapist is to maintain the elasticity and functionality of soft tissues. This technology enables us to skin condition, flaccidity and localised fat in certain areas such as chest, abdomen and legs.

In the case of scar treatment (such as after surgery or a Caesarean section) INDIBA can accelerate healing, reducing inflammation and bruising to promote proper healing. In other types of treatments to improve pain and circulation in the legs, we can use INDIBA together with manual techniques, encouraging lymphatic drainage and relaxation.

Alejandro Pérez Campaña

Physiotherapist and Director at Clínica Campaña

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