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“Customer service is exceptional. There is no language barrier, and this is very helpful to me.”
Kerstin Lübke – Policy 31.465
“I would like to emphasize the swiftness with which they managed my treatment before and after the surgery.”
Stuart J. Cohen – Policy 31.812
“I am delighted with the quality service provided, and the coverage is ideally suited to my needs.”
Patricia O’Brien – Policy 22.990
“At our age (73) there are not a lot of options, but ASSSA has covered us and has done so affordably.”
Bernie Moscovitz and Clare Taylor – Policies 42.595 and 42.596
“The hospital and staff were excellent. The operation was carried out by a first-class professional.”
Geoffrey Roland Smith – Policy 34.518
“From the beginning, we have consistently received the highest standard of client services and ASSSA has quickly and efficiently provided easy access to excellent health care.”
Cynthia Sadler and Frank Fountain – Policy 34.773 and 34.775
“Their demeanor is upbeat and cheerful and their efforts to take care of our needs have been at the highest level.”
Michael Trainor – Policy 37.635
“We have been highly satisfied with the treatment we have received over the past 7 years.”
Margaret and Nick Emblem – 31.085 and 31.086
“The care is first class. I would like to thank and recommend both ASSSA and the medical team.”
Glyn Webb – Policy 34.212
“I would like to thank for the great help myself and my husband have received over the years we have been with ASSSA.”
Jeff and Simone Ruellan – Policies 21.167 and 21.168
“The operation was a success, the aftercare just as good as the pre-care.”
Tony and Lisa Stainer – Policies 33.589 and 33.588
“The care I received was exceptional and I cannot praise them enough. The whole process went very smoothly.”
Paul Clarke – Policy 37.552
“ASSSA will never cancel my contract. Moreover, there is no age-related premium increase.”
Erik Petersen – Policy 31.273-02

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