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Varicose veins: How to prevent them

December 30, 2020Health Tips


The name varicose veins refers to the enlargement or twisting of superficial veins in the lower limbs. They are caused by an increase in venous pressure or by a weakness in the vein wall, which lead to the enlargement of the veins, resulting in an insufficiency in their valves.

There are two types of varicose veins: primary and secondary.


Prophylaxis: How to prevent varicose veins

Hereditary factors cannot be changed, but with a healthy diet, good weight management, moderate exercise, and by avoiding long periods of standing (orthostasism) or being seated (prolonged sedestation), the occurrence of varicose veins can be reduced or delayed.

It is important to take a series of precautions; although they will not eliminate the problem, they help to prevent possible complications:


If you have any questions, consult your doctor. There are specific exercise routines that can be done standing, sitting or lying down that will help with the task.

Medical treatment

This consists in administering venotonics, anti-inflammatory medications, diuretics or analgesics to mitigate the symptoms during periods of decompensation and increased discomfort due to reasons relating to the weather (summer, geography, etc.), to work, or to other causes. They are administered temporarily and during specific times of the year.

Surgical treatment

This treatment is, without a doubt, the most effective. Its importance and effectiveness are determined at present through the appearance of an exceptional diagnostic medium, the Doppler Ultrasound or Doppler ultrasonography.

Below are two surgical techniques used for the treatment of varicose veins.


Sclerotherapy treatment

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat varicose and spider veins. New technologies (laser, thermocoagulation, etc.) and new compounds used for sclerosis (foams, etc.) bring this therapeutic measure to the forefront, which incorporates the Doppler Ultrasound to control the expansion and extent of the sclerosant impact and to avoid complications.


The most traditional sclerosis and the one that is used most frequently is done through the introduction of a sclerosant substance directly into the interior of the venous lumen, puncturing it, with the objective of provoking a controlled thrombosis of the varicose vein.


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