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Treating vertigo: vestibular rehabilitation exercises

June 2, 2021Health Tips

Dizziness, unsteadiness or vertigo is a frequent and common reason for people to visit the doctor’s surgery. It’s very difficult to assess vertigo, as it’s a subjective complaint that can’t be measured. What we can say for sure is that every one of the three disorders is balance related.

Balance is the correct perception of our own position in space, independently of the movement of either the body or surrounding objects. Keeping balance depends on the proper coordination of the visual, labyrinthine (inner ear), proprioceptive and cerebellar systems, which are all connected via the cerebral cortex. Loss of balance occurs when any of these systems is disturbed and produces a “false” sensation in the individual that they are moving compared to the surroundings, or of the surroundings moving compared to them.

Vertigo is like a hallucination of movement. It’s a specific term used to describe a feeling of spinning.

If a feeling of vertigo is experienced, it’s advisable to start doing vestibular rehabilitation exercises in series of 20 repetitions of:

  1. Eye exercises:


  1. Head and eye movement:


  1. Arm and body movement:


  1. Standing up:


  1. Travelling movements:


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