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Inflammatory bowel disease

June 15, 2022 Health

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic inflammation of the intestine of unknown origin that progresses recurrently with flare-ups, some in which the disease remains active and others with remissions in which the symptoms disappear. It can present various complications and extra-digestive manifestations that accompany the intestinal symptoms, such as fatigue or weight loss.

Resilience: the key to good mental health

March 23, 2022 Health

In recent years, and especially in this strange time of pandemic we’re living in, the words Resilience and Mental Health seem to be constantly in the media headlines, spoken by politicians, heard in the queue at the bank or the bakery, but what exactly is resilience?

How to treat sarcopenia or loss of muscle mass

October 6, 2021 Health

Sarcopenia is a progressive muscle disease that consists of a gradual decrease in muscle mass, causing a loss of strength and consequently of physical performance.

Sunscreen or sun creams: which to choose?

September 22, 2021 Health

The sun is essential for life and has positive effects on the body, such as facilitating vitamin D synthesis and improving mood.

Regenerative Medicine: platelet rich plasma

April 21, 2021 Health

When an injury occurs, a complex reaction in the tissue is triggered, requiring repair which involves the substitution of damaged tissue with fibrotic tissue (scar tissue), which is composed of cells with different functions and morphology, and consequently, causes undesirable results.

Does the excessive use of screens impact our vision?

March 24, 2021 Health

Visual fatigue, or asthenopia, is one of the most frequent reasons for visits in our daily practice.

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