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Food Product Labelling

November 18, 2020 Your Diet

Information provided by food labelling is an important factor in the decisions made by consumers on which products to buy, and this issue has become a key marketing tool.

COVID-19 Nutritional recommendations

April 14, 2020 Your Diet

During the confinement we are experiencing, it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet and for this, the Mediterranean diet would be an ideal base to structure a good diet and nutrition.

What we need is nutritional education

March 26, 2020 Your Diet

What we eat is of increasing interest to the majority of the population, which is a good thing. Knowing if a food is healthy or not, if it contains added sugar or if it consists of good or bad fats has become almost an obsession for many people.

Good food is the best medicine

  Your Diet

Every day we’re more aware that eating a balanced diet benefits the quality of our health and this is illustrated by the Bloomberg Healthiest Country index, which places Spain in first place as the healthiest country. One of the factors that put us at the top is the Mediterranean diet.

A low-salt diet

  Your Diet

A low-salt or low-sodium diet is used to treat edema (excessive fluid accumulation) and to control hypertension (high blood pressure).


Food additives and their regulated use

  Your Diet

Since the beginning of time, one of mankind’s goals was the search to preserve food as long as possible. This gave rise to the development of the first food-preservation techniques: smoking, salting, pickling, etc. 

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