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Preventive medicine and medical check-ups: “Prevention is better than cure”

February 16, 2023 Insurance

Having health insurance is beneficial so that, in case of ailment, you can be treated quickly and professionally in private medical centers. Likewise, it makes it easier to obtain accurate diagnoses and allows consultation with the doctor on the guidelines and tests that must be followed for correct treatment.

Travel protection

June 16, 2022 Insurance

Travelling is a magnificent experience, whether to discover new places and cultures or to rest and come back with renewed energy.

The Insured as starting-point in digital transformation

January 6, 2022 Insurance

The real challenge of tackling the current transformation of the insurance sector, in terms of the accelerated adoption of digital technologies, lies in the ability to offer an excellent service from any channel.

Peace of mind that your insurance company will not cancel your policy


Faced with the possibility of running a risk, people naturally take preventive measures. With this in mind, ensuring your health should be of the utmost importance, even more so than protecting material goods, such as a home or a car, which can be replaced.

Thank you ASSSA


We are Enric Batlle and Àngels Ràfels, a married couple from Figueras and ASSSA policyholders for a few years, since we were previously partners of Previsión Popular de Seguros, an entity that was acquired by ASSSA.

Thank you ASSSA


Before retiring and moving to Spain, I was working as the director of the private area of the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust hospital.

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