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Thank you ASSSA

April 14, 2021 Insurance

We are Enric Batlle and Àngels Ràfels, a married couple from Figueras and ASSSA policyholders for a few years, since we were previously partners of Previsión Popular de Seguros, an entity that was acquired by ASSSA.

Thank you ASSSA

March 31, 2021 Insurance

Before retiring and moving to Spain, I was working as the director of the private area of the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust hospital.

Thank you ASSSA

March 3, 2021 Insurance

I am an ASSSA insured and I am very happy.

Health insurance without copayments

Health insurance with and without copayments

February 24, 2021 Insurance

We live in a time when the health care has become a priority. In this situation health insurances play a crucial role and when it comes to choose a policy, attention should focus on all terms and conditions of the contract, especially if it has copayments or not.

The Importance of Age in Health Insurance

September 4, 2020 Insurance

Age is very important in health insurance since it is one of the factors that determine your contracting along with the price. Insurance companies establish a maximum age of entry and consider the age when assessing the risk of acceptance of a new policyholder.

Thank you ASSSA

August 4, 2020 Insurance

I am very happy with ASSSA. The treatment in their offices in Figueres is excellent. The staff is very nice, friendly and cheerful, they help you in everything and adapt to your needs.

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