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Learning about the benefits of padel

June 16, 2021 Sport

Padel is definitely here to stay.

Yoga wellness retreat

January 13, 2021 Sport

Yoga wellness retreat centres started to become fashionable some time ago, and they’re ideal for people wanting to switch off from their everyday lives, recharge their batteries and acquire new healthy lifestyle habits.

COVID-19 The importance of physical exercise at home

April 16, 2020 Sport

Due to the current state of alarm, in which we are forced and we must stay at home, it is important to create routines and keep busy as much as possible, in this way we will make this period of time more bearable.

Golf as a healthy sport


When you arrive at a golf course for the first time, you can see the wide range of ages and playing levels, from children learning to take their first swings, right through to professionals and elderly adults to have found golf to be a sport that enables you to do exercise and enjoy being in […]

Table tennis, a beneficial sport for all ages


Nowadays, the act of setting aside some time each week to do sport is considered a matter of self-responsibility for our health. This is the case provided that the sport coincides with our abilities and our degree of implication. 

Sports for everybody. Different times of life


Playing sports is positive for your health, throughout your lifetime. Having made this point, we would like to point out other advantages which sport provides  fo r us, which are complementary to our health, but which might be even more important

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