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New Generation Hearing Aids


New technologies have given the audiology industry many more resources, offering advanced solutions in terms of technology and design. Digital technology has meant great progress with regard to designing latest-generation hearing aids. 

Wireless technology, built into hearing aids


Noise can affect our auditory health From a medical point of view, noise is any sound that can be harmful to health or seriously interfere in an activity.

Lithotripsy: treatment for kidney stones


Kidney stones have been a nightmare for humans throughout history. Stones generally form in the kidney and, depending on their size, they can start to travel along the tube linking the kidneys with the bladder, the urethra.

Nuclear Medicine. Gammagraphy


Nuclear Medicine is the medical speciality that uses radioactive isotopes, nuclear radiation, electromagnetic variations in the components of the nucleus and similar biophysical techniques for medical prevention, diagnosis, treatment and investigation.

Technological advances for vision enhancement


In recent yars femtosecond lasers are revolutionizing ophtalmic surgery achieving better results in sight: They are like a magic scalpel that, through transparent structures, allow carving that is much more accurate than a surgeon's best hand.

PET. Non-invasive diagnostic technique.


PET is the acronym for Positron Emission Tomography. It is the reigning technique of Nuclear Medicine. This diagnostic methodology consists of an intravenous injection of a radiopharmaceutical which is later detected by a PET camera.

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