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How to strengthen the immune system

10-03-2021 Health Tips

Humans would not be able to survive if there were no mechanisms to combat or prevent infections caused by the countless pathogenic agents and micro-organisms that exist in the environment, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Thank you ASSSA

03-03-2021 Insurance

I am an ASSSA insured and I am very happy.

Health insurance without copayments

Health insurance with and without copayments

24-02-2021 Insurance

We live in a time when the health care has become a priority. In this situation health insurances play a crucial role and when it comes to choose a policy, attention should focus on all terms and conditions of the contract, especially if it has copayments or not.

What is hair transplant?

10-02-2021 Technology

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical technique that repopulates an area where there is no hair.

All you need to know about vitamin complexes

27-01-2021 Health Tips

Vitamins are essential nutrients needed for cells and the body to function properly, as well as for growth and correct development.

Yoga wellness retreat

13-01-2021 Sport

Yoga wellness retreat centres started to become fashionable some time ago, and they’re ideal for people wanting to switch off from their everyday lives, recharge their batteries and acquire new healthy lifestyle habits.

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